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A Solution to the Pain

April 5th, 2011

YOU’RE about to swing, and you feel a sharp pain running through your back. You’re about to putt, but the pain in your elbow causes you to wince and miss-hit the stroke. You’re recovering in good ground over the fairways when the hip and Achilles start aching, making it an unpleasant rest of the day.
Slipped discs, golfers’ elbow, Sciatica, pinched nerves and a variety of niggling pains from the neck to your Achilles are the bane of golfers world-wide.

It affects not only your golf handicap but also quality of life as even the simplest chore feels like you have undergone military boot-camp.

Many of us would seek temporary relief with after market products or traditional services but that may now be left in the past with the technological advancements and professional expertise made available to accurately diagnose and treat the source of the issue, thus banishing the cause of the pain for good.

DTS spinal decompression

DTS spinal decompressionThis new method is surgical-free and utilises a spinal decompression table system, which provides relief to severe neck pain sufferers by gently reducing the pressure within the spinal discs.

The fraction motion is computer controlled to provide gentle and painless decompression of the injured spinal discs and to rehabilitate specific spinal discs. Decompression fraction involves applying fifteen 60-seconds periods of fraction of just over one-half body weight in twenty-forty one half-hour compression.

A recent study reported promising or excellent relief of sciatic and back pain in 86% of a sample group of 14 patients with herniated discs and 75% with facet joint arthritis.

Both herniated and degenerated discs can be shown on sophisticated pressure measure devices (discomanometry) to have elevated intradiscal (internal) pressures. Sitting and standing increase intrdisc pressure and prevent disc nutrition. Therefore, decompressing an over pressurized disc allows for healing and repair of the disc, the herniation and tears. A study of patients with disc herniation or stenosis showed significant MRI changes in before-after scans in the discs in 10 of 14 cases.

Almost all patients reported very significant pain relief, complete relief of weakness when present, and of immobility and of numbness.

With disc herniation only patients, 10 patients of 14 had up to 90% improvement in pain and disability.

Improvement from DTS decompression is likely due to increased nutrition diffusion due to the lowering of intradiscal pressures. DTS is best done in conjuction with Chiropractic and Physiotheraphy care and can be performed before and after spinal surgery.

Swiss Dolorclast Shockwave ESWT

Swiss Dolorclast is the only FDA approved Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) machine. Shockwaves are powerful waves that are accurately applied to painful and inflamed areas that show signs of tendon injury, golfers or tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis, heel spur and knee osteoarthritis among others.

Shockwave therapy is a powerful treatment that uses a series of high-energy sound waves (shockwaves) over an injured area to promote tissue healing.

These unique waves are like no other and have the ability to break down scar tissue that has built up over time while effectively reducing pain and encouraging proper healing.

Shockwave therapy is used by many international sports personalities and teams, including AC Milan Football Club sports lab.

Closer to home, patients at our centres utilizing this treatment include Wong Hong Nung, Malaysia’s celebrated ex-national footballer and top golfer.

Shockwave therapy has been found to be effective in the treatment of chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendonitis, and knee tendon and arthritis pain. It can also help shoulder (frozen shoulder, rotator cuff) as well as tennis and golfers elbow problems.

Research on Shockwave suggest that it has a pain relieving effect through nerve simulation, as well as increasing blood flow and stimulate new tissues growth.

In many cases, Shockwave can almost literally “blast” your pain worries away.

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You Name It, I Have It!