The BioTHIK Active Clinicare Tri System

Mane matters

RECOGNISING the hair loss problem faced by Malaysians, BioTHIK® announced the launch of their consumer hair range – the BioTHIK® Active.

This home Clinicare Tri-System range is specially formulated to restore health from the scalp to promote fuller, thicker, and more beautiful hair. Under this clinically tested range are the BioTHIK® Active hair building fibre, Fiber locking mist, BioTHIK® Active protein keratinised cleanser, BioTHIK® Active protein keratinised conditioner, and BioTHIK® Active Serum growth factor for men and women.

BioTHIK®’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joe Thye said that the company has taken great lengths to ensure that the quality of their products meet the standards of consumers.

The BioTHIK Active Clinicare Tri System

“We have distributors from Finland, Sweeden,Germany, and more, and in those places we have built a reputation for ourselves. In fact, without informing us, our Swedish distributor sent our products to their local television channel to openly compete with other brands and we won,” he told theSun.

As the company gained confidence from their accomplishments abroad, Thye said that they decided to bring the products back to Malaysia.

“We were catering to the salon industry before this, but this time we chose to separate our products into two categories. The professional
ones are mostly treatment based and will only be available in salon, while we clearly define this BioTHIK® Active range for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG),” he further elaborated.

All the products contain non-irritant and harmless ingredients as they are based on stem cells and botanical formulation. The range of products can be found at major pharmacies nationwide.

BioTHIK®’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joe Thye