Low income with bad credit and apply car loan?

Question: My wife and I are trying to get a brand new car. Currently I’m not working and she only produces about $2500 in last 30 days by work as child support. Her credit standing is around a $580 per month so it will be on the negative side. Does anyone know any tips that will someone lend money to us?


You will often have a car that is worth (At wholesale) not much more than your down payment yet you will owe many thousands more plus a high interest rates.

For example, in the event you put $800 straight down, you might have a car with the wholesale value of $700-1200 as well as your balance to be financed will probably be $3500-3900 or far more. Plus interest from 21-29%.

On considerably nicer stuff, point out $1500 down, you may get a $2500 low cost unit. Yet are obligated to pay $5900-6900 more in addition interest. And at 21-29% that interest will surely add up.

Most cars are traded as is. Any “service contracts” they sell are generally worthless too.

Often, the car will stop working sometime before it’s paid back. That’s your dilemma, not the dealers and you also can’t stop paying due to it.

So, TRUST me once i say your best bet is always to save up $1200-2000, shop around for a excellent deal from an exclusive party, have an independent mechanic investigate it only AFTER you’re likely you want it and have agreed on a cost. Then have him make certain its a great car.

There isn’t such thing being a “good deal” at the buy here pay out here car dealership.

And BHPH traders often know nothing or do nothing thus to their cars. They go from Auction thus to their lot to anyone. They have no idea whats inappropriate or might get it wrong soon. And it doesn’t really care.

With bad credit, (Or no credit score or cosigner) you just cant afford to borrow…. for EVERYTHING.

Now, all with that being said and knowing the amount of people are, they are going to ignore my advice and buying from one anyway.


Although, if you should choose one, choose individual who demand the most amount of financial information through you and try’s to “set you approximately succeed”. They make more of effort to get hold of a car that will last the size of the note and they’ll insist that you pay exactly how you get compensated…. if you get compensated weekly, your car payment is born weekly. If you receive paid every a couple weeks, your car be aware is every a couple weeks.

Why do they want this and why’s it good? Because they know quicker in case you are falling behind and there is a smaller chance of emergency or month-to-month rent taking priority in the car note.

The “better” in the BHPH notes will also try to talk about your budget with you in order to see how fair it is that you pay as decided. The bad types don’t care all of which will sell to you merely to repo as early as you are late.

When they can see from the budget that you can’t spend the money for car, they are more unlikely that to sell it to you where the negative dealer will just sell to you to get your down payment.

One bhph holders head & shoulders above the rest in that they seek to set you approximately succeed, they don’t gouge anyone as bad several and their interest levels are fairer.

Car-Mart has 101 locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Okla, Tennessee, and Colorado Front Range.

But, buying an auto for cash is way better.