Guangzhou male buys 99 iPhone 6s to confess his want to colleague before Singles’ Day.

A Guangzhou male who works in the gaming company applied 500, 000yuan to acquire 99 iPhone6s as a way to stage a appreciate confession stunt with a colleague recently, NetEase noted. This definitely impresses us in excess of the Chinese tycoon who gifted an iPhone 6 to his entire secondary school class.

The male, who used in place two years’ worth of his savings, stacked and prearranged the 99 new iPhones to type a heart-shaped ring in the heart of the parking lot within a work break.

The female colleague whom he was confessing his want to arrived at the particular scene after significantly cajoling and demand from other co-workers, but hasn’t given him an answer as of but.

This was done before hand for Singles’ Day on 11/11, a day in which sales in China peak at ridiculously high levels a result of the numbers of folks pulling off stunts this way, albeit on any much smaller size. Thank goodness.

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